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Just got back from the Los Molinos Tournament. It really wasn't that bad, we ended up 3rd. I should have lost the game for us, I had an overthrow to Sarah on third and they scored. Good thing ties go back to the 4th inning.

Sadies tonight, I'm not sure if we're going though. It's kinda been a long week for Kyle and I :0

I talked with Hailey a little today and she kinda brought some things to my attention. Not to be conceited, but I am too good to just give up rodeo-ing. So I'm not sure that I am, I've been riding the girls almost every other night and I'm just not sure what I'm going to do yet.

I have to play in a Mother-Daughter tournament tomorrow with my sister. That's one of those things that she just needs me to be in with her and I just know I'll be there, it's funny.

I'm going to go shower cause I'm stinky, I'll finish this up later.

Just because this is a cute picture, kinda.
We both look pretty bad actually :0)

DukeLion51: emily?
leet m0rbid: emily
DukeLion51: she's got some banging hips
leet m0rbid: what do you mean by 'banging'?
leet m0rbid: like good or bad
DukeLion51: lets jsut say she could make some guy very happy
leet m0rbid: hahaha i'm going to tell her this
leet m0rbid: she won't believe me that i'm not the only one, besides kyle, that thinks shes hot
DukeLion51: tell her and make sure she knows that i'm free on saturday ;)

Boy are completely dumb.

I wonder if he even misses me, or misses me near as much as I miss him

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